Humor for Your Speaking (Get More Laughs)
This will make you funnier for life. DARRENTEED!
“There's nothing like the feeling of making an audience laugh!”
Imagine yourself on stage as you tell your opening story, and suddenly the audience bursts into laughter. You feel the connection, and your confidence level skyrockets as you see the joy on their faces. They are now sitting in rapt attention riveted to your message. Fantasy? It doesn’t have to be.
Never before has an easy-to-follow program like this been created.
Dear Fellow Laugh Lover,

Wish you were funnier? Want the secrets behind “how to” get more laughs? Give yourself or someone else the gift of more laughter.

You can finally own the secrets. Get More Laughs By Next Week™. Whether it is a one-on-one situation or a large audience, the humor principles are the same.
Finally, a way to get more laughs!
What could more laughs do for you?
Audiences expect to laugh. I was shocked when the owner of a speakers' bureau said to me,

“In the meetings industry, humor is now a non-negotiable. Clients expect it.”

When I was interviewing people, I asked some of the top sales professionals about the power of humor. One of the most telling statements I heard was from a guy who worked half as many hours and sold twice as much as everyone else:

“The days I don’t make people laugh are the same days I don’t sell much either.”  – John Yates, Top Sales Professional, Bose®
Maybe you tried humor before, and it didn't work?
Afraid to try it again? You are not alone. Many presenters use ‘jokes’ from the internet and wonder why they don’t work. Part of the problem is that they are a ‘content detour’ from the presentation. If they fall flat, it makes them stand out even more. The other part of the problem is that they are not your own words, so the audience can sense the lack of authenticity, and they lose connection. Ouch! Other presenters try to figure out on their own. That's like playing poker in the dark. This can cost you time, money, and years of frustration. Many never ever figure it out.
It Get's Worse
Each time you are in front of an audience, you are either internalizing new habits or reinforcing old ones. There are many humor opportunities in the stories you are already telling that will never be discovered if you are not looking for them, especially if you don’t know where to find them. What if you knew exactly where to look? What if you knew which stories you could make funnier?

Would you agree that funny people think differently?

The truth is they do. You will never be funnier until you change the way you think. That comes first. If you want to be funny, you need to act and think the way funny people do. How do they create a funny story? How do they make it funnier? What do they see that most do not?

ANSWER: Get More Laughs by Next Week™ - Secrets to finding your funny bone!

I’ve condensed 18 years of effort into one home-study course. It is chock-full of tools and humor techniques that will transform your communication forever. In fact, after page 28 of the Giggle Guide, you’ll never look at humor the same way again. I Darrentee it.
“OK, it's official. Darren LaCroix's techniques actually work! I did get more laughs, -- and they scored much higher on the laugh graph than I have had before.” 

– Anna Perdriau, Canberra, Australia
"But, Darren, I'm just not funny!" — PERFECT!

You are just like me. I took the stage at an open mic night in Boston back in 1992 and bombed miserably. I had never been on any kind of stage before and had had panic attacks for years. When I would throw out punchlines, all I would hear was the ceiling fan, and that was painful.
It doesn't have to be painful.
I can prove it.
I discovered a “process!” I learned that comedians actually used templates, exercises and formulas to generate their own humor. This was so enlightening. This meant that it truly was something I could learn. Not only that, it worked! I started getting laughs right away. In fact, I still use today one of the humor bits I created when I was first learning. That little bit of effort keeps paying me dividends every time I take the stage. I have now taken the principles of humor and applied them to professional presentations.
“I had a major breakthrough! You should definitely check this out.”

– Barbel Warren, Las Vegas
What if the humor you created was part of one of your stories? 
Worse case, even if you got no laughs, it’s also no risk. You are telling the story to make a point. Unlike telling a joke, it’s detour-free humor. Would you enjoy that feeling?

He speaks broken English and got 15 laughs in a 7-minute speech.

As a result of what he learned during this program, Chandra, one of the humor students in this home-study course, did exactly that. That’s not even the best part. He has an incredibly thick accent that’s difficult to understand. He sent me an e-mail saying, “I got 15 laughs, and this time, most of them got my message!”
“The end of laughter is followed by the height of listening.” 

– Jeffrey Gitomer, Best-Selling Author
“I'm not humorous... I came to lighten-up socially, as well as in speaking.”

– Ray Lubsen - Ontario, BC
Get More Laughs By Next Week™ was recorded live in Las Vegas at my Humor Boot Camp® with 44 students who were not professional humorists or joke writers. In this home-study course, you will go through the same 17 laughter-generating exercises. The boot campers created humor bits that worked. One of these exercises took less than five minutes. You will see and hear these exercises in action. The students wrote and performed them and instantly got laughs. Their humor belief skyrocketed. You’ll feel like you are part of the boot camp. What would that do for your confidence?

“But I’m naturally funny, and I’d like to have more planned humor?"

Excellent. Half the people who come to me to walk away with humor secrets are people who are “naturally” funny and don’t know how or why. Maybe when they are in the moment or when surrounded by friends who are hysterical, but they have no idea how to create humor from scratch. The same exercises and formulas will help you do exactly that. Create new “planned humor” over and over again.
What would it mean if you could get more laughs?
Seriously. How would using more humor help you with your presentations?
Those who use humor will
  • Connect deeper
  • Earn more
  • Motivate more effectively
  • Get invited and referred more
  • Be more memorable
  • Stand out
Oh, yeah. They have more fun, too!
Don't give another presentation without using these 7 comedy secrets, simple formulas, and proven templates!
Get More Laughs By Next Week™ will give you a simplified and powerful perspective on humor. You won’t believe how simply and quickly you can create your own humor to make your message more memorable. You’ll see how you can bring even boring topics to life. It is easier than you think. One of the participants at the live event said,
You'll see BEHIND the curtain!
Get insider, proven, comedy secrets. You’ll walk away with a process you can use again and again! Not only will you get to see two World Champion speeches dissected for humor purposes, but you’ll also walk through the exact process that I used to create a routine that became one of my funniest presentations. It is an amazing process that comedians have been using for years. In order to make these humor secrets even clearer, you’ll get a Giggle Guide™. It's laid out in such a way that it will make the seemingly complex skill of humor easy to understand and implement. You’ll love the "Humor Mill" (page 91), a powerful checklist that will allow you to uncover more humor in the stories you are already telling. Take a look at Get More Laughs By Next Week™. It's jam-packed with thought-changing content. What secrets are inside to help you find your funny bone?
“I was amazed at how the exercises allowed those unfamiliar with the techniques to learn and apply them quickly.” 

– Charlie Wilson, World Championship of Public Speaking Finalist
Humor home-study course
Table of Contents:
#1: You Can Do This!
  • The Humor Oath
  • "Ouch!" Secrets behind the winning speech and its humor!
  • Write from the truth
  • What invokes laughter?
  • Stitches (Be inspired!)
  • CEOs first stand-up (Why did he do so well?)
  • LAFFirmations
#2: Why Do We Laugh?
  • Tragedy to comedy
  • What is offensive?
  • Triangle of "WOW"
#3: Seven Comedy Secrets
  • Registration desk principle
  • Comedy Secrets
  • The infamous Rule of 3
  • More Secrets ---- The Greatest Improv ______
#4: Delivery, Delivery, Delivery
  • Yes...and!
  • Your own Perspective punchlines
  • Your emotions in motion
#5: Connect Quickly!
  • Every audience teaches us
  • Five minutes before
  • Laugh-cronyms
  • The stranger laugh lesson
#6: Combination Comedy
  • Greatest Hits humor
  • Heritage humor
  • Your profession punchlines
#7: Funny Story & Funny Guy
  • Darren's Laugh Graph
  • "One of Those Days": Inside a funny winning speech
  • Ask comedy questions of a Vegas Headliner
  • What were your first jokes?
  • How do you handle hecklers?
  • Do you practice? (His answer will surprise you!)
  • Your stage strategies?
  • Ever gone too far?
  • Any memory techniques we can use?
  • How are you so liked by the audience?
  • Darren REALLY was that bad and why?
#8: Ta-Dah!
  • Darren ‘s Laugh Graph
  • Let’s get personal
  • First impressions
  • Ta-dah! Getting laughs before you even go on stage
#9: The Funny Factory
  • RE-defining humor
  • Funny Factory – Make any subject interesting
#10: Pulling It Together
  • Emotional roller coaster
  • Darren’s flawed story, why it still worked, and how to improve it!
  • Humor Mill (How to “punch up” your stories)
  • Funny words to polish your punchlines
  • Life is a setup; humor is all around you
  • Your #1 asset; how to capitalize on it.
What if you could get a laugh before you even take the stage?
Might sound crazy, but you’ll get my strategy to do exactly that. It works for me every time. You’ll even see it work when the boot campers put it to the test. Would you enjoy that feeling?

What did people say who have heard me teach these principles?

"I cried off all my makeup laughing and walked away with some awesome lessons in creating humor. I look forward to turning my accountant self into my comic self!" 

– Stacy Kennedy, CFO Property Management
and Development
"I have an intense personal story and did not know how to release the tension. Darren gave me direction and taught me how. Thank you so much!"

– Aimee Kodachian Riley,
Author / Speaker
"Value from the beginning to the end." 

– John Kinde, Humorist
What is a laugh worth?
That is up to you. If you are like me and love the feeling of making people laugh, then they are all priceless. I was a shy kid, and I was basically invisible. Getting laughs added so much to my personal confidence that I quit my day job to get laughs for a living. It could be the difference between getting a sale or not. Do you think funny presenters get hired more? Invited back more? Earn more? Sell more in the back of the room? Do you think they are having more fun on stage? Would you enjoy being one of them?

What is a laugh worth?
That is up to you. If you are like me and love the feeling of making people laugh, then they are all priceless. I was a shy kid, and I was basically invisible. Getting laughs added so much to my personal confidence that I quit my day job to get laughs for a living. It could be the difference between getting a sale or not. Do you think funny presenters get hired more? Invited back more? Earn more? Sell more in the back of the room? Do you think they are having more fun on stage? Would you enjoy being one of them?

Get these secrets without leaving your own home!
You set the tone. You set the pace. I’ll just show you the way. Your only options are... If you don’t do this, what will you do? 

1 ____ MOVE ON, and always wonder if you are missing laughs in every presentation you give.

2 ____ THINK IT OVER (i.e. procrastinate.) Miss the special price. Put it aside to come back to later, and forget about it, right along with some of your dreams. Get distracted with work and life again. (OK, that might not be funny, but it’s true.)

3 _X_ DECIDE TO TAKE ACTION TODAY knowing that your Get More Laughs By Next Week™ is the fastest way to funny.

“I’m so confident and excited about what I learned!”

– Linda Bown, Seattle, WA
If you want the secrets to getting more laughs, like I did, you are saying,
  • “Yes, I want to avoid years of frustration and embarrassment by trying to figure it out my self.”
  • “Yes, I want to bring boring subjects to life.”
  • “Yes, I want to make the stories I already tell funnier.”
  • “Yes, I want to enjoy more laughs in every presentation and build my humor confidence quickly.”
  • “Yes, I want the secret templates and formulas to use in my next presentation.”
  • "Yes, I want to gain insights that will help me unlock my own funny persona."
  • "Yes, I want to enjoy rapport-building humor and more laughs in every presentation."
When you invest in Get More Laughs By Next Week™ you will begin getting laughs faster than you ever thought possible. Test it in your very next presentation, sales pitch, or conversation. 
Along with this humor home-study course, you'll get the following:
Giggle Guide
Practical, easy-to-follow guide to good humor. This step-by-step book walks you through the process, along with the course videos.
“The Giggle Guide is easy to use and applicable right away. I’m creating humor in ways I never thought possible.”

– Daniel Moirao, Danville, CA
In order to make permanent changes in your thinking this “perspective” needs to be listened to repetitively and reinforced. You will find yourself thinking “funnier” as a result. It works! You’ll also get the powerful Laffirmations lesson, a $175 value.
Just for Laffs  (I promise, after seeing how the exercises are put together in Get More Laughs, you will never look at humor the same way again!) This will help you see the performance as a whole and see exactly how it all comes together. During Get More Laughs By Next Week™ you will experience the dissection of many of my routines. This is the icing on your “humor secrets” cake. $20 value.
OK, Darren, how much does your humor home-study course cost?
It’s an investment in every presentation you’ll give for the rest of your life! How much is your time worth? It took me over 16 years to learn this and distill it down to a simple and easy-to-understand process. Two days of coaching from me at my coaching boot camp is $2,500.00. You don’t need to invest that much. Not even close. 
This home-study course is like being in the front row at this LIVE 2-day Humor Boot Camp® You’ll get the same secrets that this cast of characters did! You’ll feel like you know them first-hand when you have completed this program. You’ll learn with them side by side. Gain better insight through the questions they ask. Even better than that: you don’t need a plane ticket, deal with airport security, or be away from your family (OK, maybe it would be more fun to be away from them!)

What did my Funny Focus group rave about after reviewing this program?
“This is the best single source I've seen to learn the tools and techniques for effective use of humor.”

– Jeffrey Purtee, Reno, NV
“It is a great resource and can be used over and over again as a refresher. It is simplistic enough to understand, yet detailed enough to be able to become a more educated humorist.” 

– Kenneth Scribner, Rochester, MN
“Get More Laughs™ really delivers on its promise. With these simple techniques, you can learn to uncover the humor in your presentations and your life, and will probably help you earn more money. Humor sells!” 

– Cynthia Stott, San Francisco, CA
Your Investment...
  • Get More Laughs by Next Week 10-Part Program: $795
  • Giggle Guide: FREE
  • BONUS: Just for Laffs: $20
  • Total Value: $815
You can get all these exercises & tools. You can literally Get More Laughs for just $795

(Or get access for $47 per month)
Rave Reviews
"It’s (Humor Boot Camp®) the best thing I could have done for myself. It has value for a lifetime."

– Monica Beltran, Rossmoor, CA
"Darren's program is the fastest way I've ever discovered to create -- actually manufacture -- entertaining, on-target humor that I can use directly in my business presentations."

– Jason Jantzi, British Columbia, Canada
"Darren really is a master at making world-class communication tools and insights accessible to other people. His expertise is a must!" 

– Simon Bucknall, London, United Kingdom
"Get More Laughs By Next Week™ tells you the secrets behind humor and better yet, you can learn those secrets and start to create your own humor right away." 

– Cynthia, Singapore
"Packed full of invaluable suggestions, strategies, techniques, and tools, Get More Laughs™ is head and shoulders above everything else out there. Great product developed by someone who clearly knows his stuff inside out and cares whether or not you do, too." 

– Gill Crossland-Thackray, Surrey, United Kingdom
"Loved it! It has made me funnier faster. Now I understand why I've been getting laughs in my presentations -- and now I can get more!" 

– Ken Williams, Fishers, IN
"I have studied humor for years, and your information about the subject is the best I've seen. (This program) breaks down the process of humor that ANYONE can use to be funnier." 

– Michael R Davis, Cincinnati, OH
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The testimonials appearing on this website reflect the experiences of just some of the many individuals who have used our products and/or services. We do not claim that these are typical results. They are individual results and results will vary.

The testimonials appearing on this website reflect the experiences of just some of the many individuals who have used our products and/or services. We do not claim that these are typical results. They are individual results and results will vary.